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Non-Solicitation Policy

    Members and guests shall conduct themselves in a professional manner at all chapter events. Mass solicitation and solicitation during chapter events is prohibited unless authorized in advance by the Board.

    Solicitation - Associate members will be allowed to sponsor chapter meetings, seminars, and events. Sponsor benefits vary depending on sponsorship level. Sponsors may solicit individuals who approach their table and inquire about their product or service. Associate members will not be allowed to solicit members in any other way during meetings, seminars or other events. Associate members may not solicit members by mail, telephone, fax, email, and personal visits or by any other means.

    It is contrary to the purpose for which the chapter was founded for any Member to realize a monetary gain through business transactions, by virtue of their membership in this Society.

    Any Member or whose invited guest engages in unwanted solicitation or obtains names of other Members without Board consent for future solicitation for the purpose of realizing a monetary gain.

    No member shall actively solicit business from any other member at association meetings or through the use of information provided to him/her as a member of the chapter without approval from the Board.